26 August, 2008

Latest Shots

Above: View of the building from Anzac Parade

Lipman is still making good progress on the New College Village. As previously reported the structure is completed. As well:

* Internal walls are now completed for all floors
* Most gyproc internal walls are completed
* Tiling of bathrooms and most fittings are completed to level 1
* Tiling is under way on levels 2 & 3
* Windows are installed to Level 6
* The installation of elevators is well advanced
* Most electrical, mechanical and haudraulic services are finished to Level 7
* External surface finishing is well progressed
* Sealing of the roof is close to completion

Above: Shot from the top of the L5 building

Above: Waterproofing the roof slab
Above: Shot of the northern facade from NIDA

Above: The kitchenettes are being installed in the studios


14 August, 2008

External finishing well underway

Progress continues to be good on the building. The following are some key indicators:
  • Structure complete
  • Internal walls largely completed levels 1-6 and well on the way to level 7 (top floor)
  • Services roughed in to level 7
  • Painting commenced on level 1
  • Preparation for tiling well advanced levels 1-4
  • External finishes well advanced
  • Acoustic screen to Anzac Parade commenced
  • Power sub station installed
The following photographs give a sense of the progress.

Above: Stockpiling tiles and other materials on the roof

Above: Granisite surfacing well under way (first 2 of 6 coats)

Above: Terrasite finishes commence on northern facade

Above: Main Common Room


04 August, 2008

Views of the completed structure

As I said in my last post the structure is now completed - all seven floors are erected and the roof has been poured. Fitting out is proceeding at a rapid pace. In summary:
  • Internal walls are almost erected to level 6
  • Services are roughed in to Level 6
  • Painting and tiling have begun on Levels 1 & 2
  • External surfaces are well advanced.
Here are two shots that give a sense of the shape and mass of the structure (even with scaffolding).

Photo 1: View of the northern facade from NIDA

Photo 2: View of the southern facade from the top of the L5 Building at UNSW