05 December, 2007

Just peeping above the ground

Progress on the building continues to be good. While there have been challenges on site (not the least of which is the huge pile of sand that will be backfilled soon), the building will soon be out of the ground. Some of the latest milestones achieved:

* The new roadway that provides access to Western Campus as well as our basement will be opened today at 5.00pm
* The stormwater retention tank has been completed (this big hole will capture overflow water from our stormwater tanks in extreme weather events and allow it to enter the aquifer)
* The walls on three sides of the basement are virtually complete (and the last one will be done soon)
* The lift pits and stairways to the ground floor have been poured
* The crane based (a 3o cubic metre block of concrete sitting on 4 deep piles) has been completed ready for the crane to be erected in January

The project is a little behind in terms of key limestones (perhaps by a week) but Lipman is hopeful that this can be caught up. Wet weather is always a risk but in spite of one of our wettest Novembers on record there has been minimal disruption at this stage.