24 June, 2008

The Village Reaches the 6th Floor

Above: View of the structure from the UNSW L5 building (opposite New College)

Progress continues to be excellent and the structure is now completed up to the 6th floor. Work has commenced on the 7th floor slab floor and so we are within about 2-3 weeks of seeing the structure completed. The key milestones continue to be met for completion by December.

There has been other good progress in addition to the structure:
  • The external wall finishes have started
  • Internal walls are well advanced on Levels 1 and 2 and have commenced on Level 3
  • First floor windows are being fitted and walls are being lined on Level 1
  • Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical services are also well advanced on Levels 1 to 3
  • Level 4 has also been stripped ready for internal walls to commence
  • Work has also commenced on the foundations for the glass screen on the Anzac Parade facade
Above: View of the NCV from NIDA (Southern facade)

The building has now developed quite a presence in the area and can be seen for some distance. Views from the upper floors are also impressive with the city skyline (and even Anzac Bridge) visible from the Northern side of the building and Botany Bay visible to the south.
Above: Views to the west from the 6th Floor


11 June, 2008

The View from NIDA

The latest photo of the northern elevation of the New College Village taken from NIDA. This shot shows the three storey bridge between the East and West wings. This section of the building has a games room on the ground floor and two floors of studios. Residents will enter the building off the University Mall through the undercroft of this section of the building.


03 June, 2008

Progress on the services and finishing

While we've been preoccupied with the structure in recent times (for obvious reasons) it's encouraging to see lot's of work occurring inside the building. Internal walls are going up on Levels 1, 2 and 3, windows are being fitted and all services are progressing with well advanced plumbing, air-conditioning and electrical work on Levels 1 and 2.

The structure itself is up to the 6th floor with both the 6A and 6B slab floors due to be poured next week. Rain has disrupted things this week a little but hopefully this will still occur next week. The complete structure is due for completion by mid July (about 6 weeks).

Work on the marketing of the Village is also well progressed with a new website to be launched in a few weeks and promotional work already occurring. Applications are coming in and some places have been offered. I am now beginning to think through the specifics of the pastoral care and academic support that will need to be in place by January.

Above - Looking out to the inner courtyard from the Level 3 south-west common room

Above - Walls going in on Level 3

- Walls and insulation going in on Level 1