29 April, 2008

Work on the 4th floor commences

Progress on the NCV was slowed a little last week due to Sydney's rain and holidays. Rain occurred on 13 consecutive days which I think is a record for Sydney. In spite of this we were not badly affected until Tuesday last week. We also had a public holiday on Friday and this is always associated with a rostered day off across the construction industry in this country. We also lose Saturday on long weekends. The outcome was a week that had 2 work days rather than 6. Nevertheless, the project program has built in holidays and allowances for wet days so the impact on the completion date is not great.

This week has seen cold days and clear skies so progress has been good. The second stage of the 3rd floor slab was poured yesterday and work is well on the way for the first stage of the 4th floor slab to be poured next Tuesday. The walls for the 3rd floor are well advanced and should be completed by next week.

As you can see from the image above the building is beginning to take on significant bulk and height. This image shows the inner courtyard viewed from the North East corner of the 3rd floor. Yes, the crane tower will eventually go!

ABOVE - Admin section on the ground floor (I know it has some way to go before we can use the phones)

ABOVE - Main common room on the ground floor (this will seat 120 people)

ABOVE - West wing of the ground floor

19 April, 2008

Up to the 3rd Floor

The first half of the 3rd floor slab was laid this week and the erection of the walls for this floor also commenced. The bulk of the building grows each week with its presence on Anzac Parade being observed by all who enter the University via the main University mall. In spite of regular daily showers this last two weeks there has been good progress.

Our marketing program is also well underway and already applications are being received for accommodation in the New College Village. Bookings have also been taken for conferences in 2009.

04 April, 2008

New College Village from the air

Some shots from the top of L5 show that the structure is on the move. They also show what a great location this is!


01 April, 2008

Level 2 takes shape

March was a great month for construction with no days lost due to rain. As a result there has been good progress on site. The last ground floor slab was pouted this week and work on Levels 1 and 2 are well advanced. All of the AFS walls have been erected for Level 1 and 60% of Level 2. With the completion of the missing link slab at ground level we will see the structure rising (eventually) at a uniform rate. The East and Southern sections of the building will continue to be in advance of the west and north for some weeks.

A prototype room is nearing completion, and as well as allowing Lipman to test construction methods and materials, will allow us to show prospective residents what the accommodation will be like.

View of the southern wing across the inner courtyard

View of the southern and western wings and the courtyard

View to the west showing existing western campus buildings