12 January, 2010

First Combined Supper for 2010

The New College Village places a high priority on community activities, pastoral care and academic support. One of our many activities is a regular combined supper every Monday night at 9.00pm. These are hosted by the Senior Residents on each floor. Every month we have a combined supper in the Main Common Room or the Central Courtyard.

Last we held our first combined supper for 2010. This was a great chance for the residents to meet the new live-in Dean and his wife. Dr John Quinn and Dr Premilla Quinn moved into the building on the 1st January 2010. Carmen and Trevor moved out of the building just before Christmas. Trevor has gone back to being the Master (CEO) of New College and the NCV. Trevor will still be involved at the NCV (and helped to cook the pancakes last night). Carmen will also attend as many events as she can.

Above: John & Premilla at supper last night at the NCV

Dr Quinn comes with an interesting background. He is a graduate of UNSW and lived in New College for 8 years (1995-2002), including periods as a Senior Resident, Assistant Dean and Acting Dean. He completed his PhD in 2002 through the Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design at UNSW. After he left UNSW he was appointed as a Research Fellow at Melbourne University in the Dept of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (2003-2007). From 2007 to the present he has been working as Technical Assistant & Trade Marks Attorney at Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys. John is married to Premilla who is an anaesthetist by profession and is also expecting their first child in the next few months.

Above: NCV Residents enjoying the pancakes