17 March, 2008

The structure begins to rise

Progress on the building has been good during February and March and hence the structure is beginning to be more obvious on Anzac Parade. The floor slab for Level 2 is beginning to take shape and we should see the first of two major pours tomorrow. Once all of the Level 2 floor has been poured the structure will become more repetitive and faster so we should see even more progress. The following shots give some sense of the progress. The picture above is from the top of the L5 building.

Above - part of the inner courtyard and the walls of Level 1 emerging.

Above - view from the NIDA end of the site looking south.

Above - The Level 2 slab being prepared for the pour.

12 March, 2008

Shipping container housing

A company in Amsterdam is responsible for an amazing student housing development. Tempo Housing has developed a way of using shipping containers to creat modular housing. The containers have become 1,000 home units that each have a bathroom and private balcony. The complex also has a cafe, supermarket, office space, and even a sports area. Units are arranged in “blocks,” each block containing a service unit with centralized electricity, internet, and networking systems.

The developers claim that Keetwonen provides all the amenities a student could ever want, and claims 'green' credentials because they are using surplus shipping containers. Keetwonen has integrated a rooftop to accommodate efficient rainwater drainage while providing heat dispersal and insulation for the containers beneath. Designed by TempoHousing it was completed last year. You can view a video of the development if you want to know more.

Will we consider using containers in Australia? I don't think so. I can't begin to imagine how such a development could satisfy Development Application requirements and Building Council of Australia standards. Nevertheless, it's an interesting project.