31 May, 2011

NCV Community Photo 2010

Below is the NCV Community Photo for 2010. We took the photo on the 27th October. We chose 10.00am to take the shot and unfortunately this wasn't a time that suited some. We hope to get everyone in the photo in 2011. See who you can recognize.


NCV Community Photo 2009

Below is the photo that we took in the central courtyard in 2009 to have a record of some of the people who were living in the building at the time. We asked people to rise at 8.00am on the 19th May 2009 for the photo and served a pancake breakfast cooked on the NCV BBQs afterwards.  See how many people you still know.


30 May, 2011

NCV Public Lecture

On Monday  (18th April), historian Dr Chris Forbes from Macquarie University came to New College Village to give a public lecture on the topic “Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead”.

The event was open to anyone within the NCV and across the campus. It was attended by 70 people many of whom were Christian and some who were not. Dr Forbes drew on various sources to argue for the historicity of the resurrection. It was a fascinating and thought provoking evening for all in attendance.

15 May, 2011

Easter Choir Musical

On Saturday 18th April a group of NCV residents presented a special event for Easter, the inaugural 'NCV Easter Choir Musical'.  This event provided a retelling of the events around the first Easter using song and dramatic readings. 

The NCV Choir

A choir made up of 14 residents performed for about 40 people, with five members of the choir doubling up to perform dramatic readings as well. The residents rehearsed weekly for five weeks leading up to the event, providing an outlet for those residents with a vocal inclination.

Premilla's creations

As with all NCV events, food is always important, and afterward those attending and performing enjoyed a delicious supper prepared by John and Premilla.  Some intricately decorated chocolate cupcakes were on offer, along with toasty warm hot cross buns and chocolate Easter eggs. There was also plenty of delicious hot chocolate to go around, fresh off the stove!

Performing the Musical in the Main Common Room


03 May, 2011

NCV Formal Dinner

On the 7th April the NCV community gathered for the First Formal Dinner for 2011.  Formal Dinners are an important part of life at NCV, where the community hears from a distinguished person on a topic of interest to a higher education community.  In 2010 the speakers had been former UNSW Deputy Chancellor Dr Jessica Milner Davis, prominent Australian businessman Dr Ian Pollard and eminent UNSW physicist Prof. Michelle Simmons.  This time the invited speaker was Ms Anne Bunde-Birouste, UNSW public health academic and Founder of the Football United program for disadvantaged youth.

Anne is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and a Master of Public Health from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health in Minneapolis.  Anne’s research interests are in the areas of health promotion, social determinants of health, refugee health and post-conflict societies.

In addition to her academic responsibilities, Anne is also the Founder and Executive Director of Football United, a program which uses soccer to provide leadership development for youths and young adults in disadvantaged areas by training them as coaches and co-ordinators.  The work of Football United has previously been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, on ABC Radio and on SBS Television.

As part of her presentation, Anne gave a fascinating insight into the genesis of the Football United Program, and showed a short video presentation about Football United’s participation in the 2010 Football for Hope Festival in South Africa (coinciding with the 2010 FIFA World Cup).  After Anne’s address, Mark Dixon, medicine student and NCV Senior Academic Tutor moved an excellent vote of thanks to Anne for sharing her infectious passion with the NCV community.

During the evening attendees were also able to hear a beautiful piano recital by resident Michelle Kwok.  Michelle is currently completing a combined degree in commerce and law at UNSW, but continues to play piano at a high level in addition to her studies.  At the dinner Michelle played Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9. No.2, and Prokofiev’s Prelude Op. 12 No. 7. After Michelle’s performance, one guest remarked “It’s wonderful to hear how great pieces like this are supposed to be played, rather the way amateurs like me tried to play them when we were learning the piano”.