21 August, 2013

NCV Winter Formal Dinner 2013

Three times each year the NCV Community gathers for a Formal Dinner. Formal Dinners are part of a long standing university tradition, and usually include an address by a prominent member of the university or wider community. The meal is a bit more special than your typical college dinner, and includes entrée, main and dessert. Since it opened in 2009 NCV has held 14 Formal Dinners, with the guests drawn from the sciences, the arts, the media, law and the business community.

Dr Terry Percival
For our 2013 Winter Formal Dinner the speaker was Dr Terry Percival. Dr Percival is currently the Director of Broadband and the Digital Economy at NICTA. Dr Percival has had a long and distinguished career in electrical engineering, having worked on radiotelescopes, optical fibre technology and wireless local area networks. As part of the CSIRO team that developed WiFi technology, Dr Percival’s research has had a direct impact on almost everyone’s day to day life. Terry proved to be a very popular speaker, with his presentation prompting a string of interesting questions. At the end of his talk he was practically mobbed by students wanting to get a photo with one of the inventors of WiFi. It was a fantastic night.

During the evening we were also treated to a musical performance by NCV’s Callum Savage. Callum is undertaking studies in chemistry and physics in the university, and also maintains a strong interest in classical guitar. Callum played Stanley Myers’ Cavatina from” The Deer Hunter”. It was a lovely performance.

Above: Posing for group photos after dinner with Dr Quinn


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